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With today's high cost of operating a vessel, it is imperative that owners and operators proactively manage their vessels during the voyage. GlobalView is AWT's new, innovative fleet management system that combines the latest industry-leading ship routing technology with Google™ Earth technology to give fleet managers a visual, easy-to-use and powerful system for enhancing safety, saving fuel, time, money and CO2.

AWT’s fleet management solutions bring new innovations to ship routing technology.

  • Customized graphical alerts quickly determine which vessels require your attention
  • Heavy weather
  • Off track
  • Under performing speed
  • Over consumption to date and estimated for entire voyage
  • Time lost or gained to date and estimated for entire voyage
  • ETA (compared to required ETA or laycan)
  • Tropical cyclone

GlobalView’s color-coded vessel icons quickly and easily identify which ships have late, early or on-time arrivals.

  • Fleet, track, vessel position and weather display
  • Scroll through time
  • Customized fleet and voyage summaries

Route comparisons can be viewed in GlobalView to make quick evaluations and identify routes with greater fuel savings.

  • View message traffic between AWT and vessel along the voyage track
  • Preliminary performance evaluation
  • Comprehensive voyage details
  • Detailed fuel consumption analysis

GlobalView has new services and resources. Now fleet managers see in an instant what would have taken hours to gather from different sources.

  • Monitor vessels’ tracks with BonVoyage (BVS) onboard system
  • Detailed port forecasts for over 2500 ports globally includes weather, precipitation, temperature, visibility, humidity, wind, wave and ocean currents
  • Spot forecast tools to generate detailed forecasts for any point at sea
  • Bunker Pricing provides the latest prices powered by LQM Petroleum Service Inc., offered by subscription, trial available
  • Economical speed calculator
  • Global ice concentrations updated daily

Additional Resources:

  • Pirate attack location and type
  • Marine news and AWT newsletters
  • Time zones with local time calculation
  • Government weather bulletins
  • Port locations
  • Straits and Capes

AWT Fleet Management Solutions Evaluate when vessles can enter/depart in port.

  • AWT special reports
  • Load lines
  • SECA zones
  • Weather scales
  • WMO report display

Unlike typical fleet management products that require fleet managers to access and analyze massive amounts of data, GlobalView presents the data visually in Google Earth.

  • Voyage summary popup with ship image when available and image of the sea state at vessel location
  • Customized tour of the fleet, system will fly to selected vessels and display any combination of the vessels location, track and voyage summary
  • Secure data
  • 24/7 access

GlobalView Benefits:

  • See your entire fleet in one glance via Google Earth
  • Focus on what’s important with graphical alerts
  • Get the customized fleet summary you need at the click of a button
  • Customized voyage summaries with one click
  • Continuously monitor vessels weather, even in port
  • Access to latest global pirate attack and mother ship activity
  • Easily access comprehensive data that is all in one location
  • Make better, faster decisions to enhance safety, save fuel, time and money

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Now fleet managers can see locations of their oceangoing vessels around the globe with important weather and voyage information to improve safety, reduce fuel consumption and curb CO2 emissions.
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BonVoyage System (BVS) is an icon-driven graphical marine weather briefing system that provides on-board and around-the-clock weather routing information.
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