Bon Voyage System for Yachts

Bon Voyage System for Yachts

The Ultimate Onboard Weather Forecast and Voyage Planner

Planning a weekend cruise or a trip around the world? AWT's Bon Voyage System for Yachts is a sophisticated onboard software system for route planning with up-to-date weather forecasts and ocean data.


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Polling Alerts
Detailed current data is useful to ensure smooth sailing.
Polling Alerts
BVS for Yachts makes it easy to plan a trip to circumnavigate bad weather.

Main Features:

  • Easy-to-use tools for inserting planned tracks
  • Optimize your route for time, safety or cost
  • Clone a route and adjust departure times to find
  • the best weather window
  • Customizable Forecast Parameters Include:
    • Surface pressure
    • Tropical Cyclones
    • 500 MB Upper Air
    • Wind
    • Significant Wave Height
    • Wind Wave Height, Direction and Period
    • Swell height, direction and period
    • Current Direction and Speed with Tidal Streams
    • Sea Surfac Temperature
    • Visibility
    • Clouds
    • Air temperature
    • Humidity
  • High-resolution data to maximize safety and efficiency
  • 15-day forecast shows pressure, wind and waves, plus climatological data for evaluating long voyages or planning future trips
  • BVS for Yachts automatically downloads data via the Internet so you always have the latest information. For yachts without Internet, data is delivered via email.

Safety Alerts

  • Wind speed alert along planned or optimized tracks
  • Sea height alert along planned or optimized tracks
  • Swell height alert along planned or optimized tracks
  • Significant wave height alert along planned or optimized tracks
  • 3-day rogue wave (freak waves) forecast depicts areas with an increased likelihood of encountering abnormally high waves
  • Severe Motions or Resonance Alerts along each track with polar diagram helps evaluate possible speeds and heading to reduce or avoid these types of motions
  • Global pirate attack information provided by IMB

BVS for Yachts Benefits

  • Provide safe and comfortable voyages for your guests
  • Be prepared and well-informed with safety alerts
  • Save time with simple, easy-to-use software
  • Access the most sophisticated data with high-resolution graphics
  • Plan ahead with 15-day forecasts
  • Easily find the best weather window for your voyage
  • Port Vicinity Forecasts available for over 3,000 locations worldwide

Do You Want to Maximize Your Fuel Range?

Included in BVS for Yachts is AWT's proprietary optimization algorithm to find the most
efficient voyage while avoiding adverse weather conditions.

Also available from AWT

Shore Side Monitoring via AWT Fleet Decision Support System (Fleet DSS):

  • Keep track of your yacht or fleet of yachts
  • Satellite and terrestrial Automatic Identification System (AIS) yacht tracking
  • View track sent in from the yacht
  • View weather conditions
  • View port vicinity forecasts
  • Dashboard alerts show if the yacht will be encountering heavy weather