World Leader in Maritime Optimum Ship Routing

Applied Weather Technology, Inc. (AWT) is the world leader in maritime weather routing. We provide optimal voyage planning with our on-board routing software, the BonVoyage System (BVS), and our personalized Route Planning service. With offices in eight worldwide locations, we provide service to our clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our mission:

  • Provide companies in the maritime industry worldwide with quality products and services
  • Allow for safe, efficient, economic operation
  • Minimize environmental impact

Staffed with experts in forecasting, forensic meteorology, oceanography, computer science, and voyage planning, AWT provides ship operators and Masters 24 hour support year round. Our services range from interactions with shipping company offices to initial routing messages for shipmasters to the issuances of voyage performance reports. AWT has extensive experience and data to help clients plan their voyages ahead of time and supports the speed and consumption claims for routed and un-routed voyages.

Featured Product

BonVoyage System

BonVoyage System (BVS) is an icon-driven graphical marine weather briefing system that provides on-board and around-the-clock weather routing information.
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